Monday, May 20, 2013


Diana Peters continues to lie across Facebook stating she is NOT BANNED from Pulling Dogs from MDAS!

It's not a surprise to anyone who knows this scam artist that pulls at the heartstrings of kind hearted animal lovers.   Diana Peters cons the good people on facebook that want to help dogs live, and be rescued from possible death they face when they are surrendered or found as strays at Miami Dade Animal Services. She tells them what she wants them to believe so she can get into their wallets!

Diana Peters President and sole operator of  Death Row Dog Rescue, Inc of Hollywood FL. ( Her daughter Sonia Tonnelier is listed as VP, but lives in Houston Texas) continually denies allegations that she is banned from MDAS, despite proof letters people have produced.
So, What is the truth?

Here it is folks, another proof email from MDAS stating Diana Peters is Prohibited from pulling dogs from their facility. 
Also it is noted Death Row Dow Rescue is NOT, an approved rescue. 

May 17, 2013  Proof email from MDAS that Diana Peters president of Death Row Dog Rescue, Inc in Hollywood, FL is PROHIBITED from pulling dogs from their facility.  

It is pretty straight forward, and states the facts.  So,  why Diana do you believe you aren't Banned?
You have stomped your feet and typed angrily how your haters are lying, and are just jealous of you.  They will say anything to ruin you.     Really?, I must disagree,  the proof lies at the shelters, and what they have on file about you.  You huff and puff and say it doesn't say  BANNED.    I am sure in your 63 years, you have come across something called a dictionary, or a thesaurus ???

Here it is, from
Main Entry:
Part of Speech:adjective
Synonyms:bannedbarred, closed down, contraband,crooked*, illegalillicitno-no, not allowed, not approved, off limits, out of bounds, out of line,proscribed, refused, restrictedshady*, taboo,verboten, vetoed, wildcat 
Main Entry:
Part of Speech:noun
Definition:official forbiddance
Synonyms:a thou-shalt-not, boycott, censorship, don't,embargo, injunction, interdiction, limitationno-no,off limits, out of bounds, prohibitionproscription, refusalrestrictionstoppage, suppressiontaboo

Is this clear enough Diana Peters????  Do you understand that the words mean the same thing and when they are coming from an official it isn't a 'made up lie' ?  

You should be ashamed of yourself, but instead you attack those that speak the truth, that truly care about the dogs, and the people.

My opinion of you, is an opinion. ~  BUT, those are FACTS!  

Please Diana Peters, show us PROOF where you or Death Row Dog Rescue is allowed to PULL, as a rescue, any dogs off the death row lines ???   

I won't hold my breath,  we all know the truth about this scammer!

Friday, March 29, 2013

Check out the disbarred attorney/animal abuser

No wonder he would walk into MDAS with ripped pants and dog bites on his legs!  Look at this lowlife!  Dogs have a 6th sense and knew they were dealing with a scumbag!   Check out the following  articles on this piece of crap!$$swp/816FA11A54D9FF5E85257100006503F7       <<<<copy and paste into your search bar! 

The Queen of lies, deception and deceit!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Well, here are 3 prime examples drinking the DP Passion Placebo.   
Thing 1,Thing 2 & Thing 3~~~~  Do they not wonder why screen shots all of a sudden disappear from Diana  Peters page- Death Row Dog Rescue? 
Melanie, Margot & Bev, look at the screen shots further down on this blog and see for yourself.  Please, do yourself a favor and just google the name of her bogus rescue!  You 3 are sitting with blinders on!   More than one person has reached out to try to educate @ least two of you!  Try using google.  You will not believe your eyes!  Death Row Dog Rescue is a SCAM!   DO NOT GIVE ONE DIME TO THIS MASTER OF MANIPULATION!!!   See screen shots taken below!

 Nancy Rollins, Abby Leonard & Dawn Monroe are Diana Peter's fake accounts!  Diana is liking all the comments to let you think that others believe in her!  She is a FAKE, a PHONY!  


Monday, March 18, 2013

The Queen of Deleting & Blocking Does It Again!

Welcome back, dog lovers:

    We are here once again to provide more facts in regards to the constant deleting and blocking of posts that Diana Peters, founder of Death Row Dog Rescue continues to do.  Shame on you, Diana!

   This time  we need to address those folks  that are viewing Death Row Dog Rescue's page with rose colored glasses. And at the same time, sipping on a cocktail called DP's passion placebo!

   Please, please study these screen shots and see what was posted on her page and now it is gone.  What does that tell you?  She is trying to hide from her followers that she is a con artist, a scammer and a big fat liar!  Please, do your own research and see for yourself.  Google is a beautiful tool,  use it!

In the mean time. Enjoy viewing the posts on this blog that have been removed, deleted and blocked from Death Row Dog Rescue.

 In summary,  Death Row Dog Rescue is a SCAM!   Save your money!  Donate locally!